Homemade Apple Sauce

Today I’m making apple sauce. Why? First, I have way so many apples in my fridge. I buy a box of organic box of fruit and veggies from a local farm, and every week there are apples in it. They are beautiful, crips apples that are heavenly to eat on their own – which I totally would if I weren’t diabetic. But since I’m limiting myself to about three pieces of fruit a day – and my kids can’t eat so many, either – apple sauce it is to preserve the fresh apple goodness. And to make more room in my fridge.

homemade apple sauce

Second, apple sauce is really handy to have if you like to bake. Did you know you can use apple sauce in lieu of fat, yogurt, or sugar in baking recipes? Yes you can. It helps with my minimum oil / sugar / diet well. Apple power is mighty.

Third, and most importantly, it’s fun! I am into a bit of canning and preserve-making spree at the moment – I have recently made batches of pickles, pumpkin jam, coriander pesto…. all from surplus veggies that end up in my kitchen somehow. I love it.

Today I decided to cook the apples in my beloved Instant Pot pressure cooker. I just cut the apples in half with seeds, core and skin still on. They are organic apples after all. I also put maybe 3/4 cup of water in it, along with 11 apples, a stick of cinnamon, a few anise, half a lemon, and cloves. I guessed about 5 minutes of pressure cooking time. Apples were cooked but not yet mushy.

I used my stick blender to mush it up a bit – so that the apple puree will go through a strainer better.

For straining, I thought I’d give my Kitchenaid strainer attachment a try – probably for the first time ever since buying it more than 10 years ago. And really, what’s the point of owning a strainer attachment if I won’t use it for apple sauce? I had no idea how to assemble it, but thank goodness there is Youtube for everything.

making apple sauce with kitchenaid mixer

What a messy work! It worked in the end though – sort of.

homemade applesauce

I ended up with these two little jars of pretty pinkish apple sauce – from 11 apples. Hmm. It’s not much, is it? I still have 10 more apples left, so I might make another batch right now. Next time I’m adding a bit more spice to the mix, because this batch was pretty mild. Here we go again!

apples in quarters with spices

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