Nut Butter Addiction

runny nut butter in a jar

Like most people with type 2 diabetes, I’ve been avoiding sugar since my diagnosis. It’s been very hard, I tell you – I was a pastry chef and all. I used to wake up in the morning and munch on chocolate. Then go on to bake all kinds of sugary goodness and consume a whole lot of it. Ah how I miss those happy days.

Well, those golden days may be over (at least I had good 43 years, I tell myself), but I continue to have cravings for (slightly healthier) sweet things – like sweetened soy milk coffee, bananas, and nut butter. Homemade nut butter, that is. With roasted nuts, and a good dash of vanilla in it, processed till it’s super runny. It tastes amazing, like a pot of gold.

This nut butter is so good, it has become kind of an addiction for me. Whenever I feel my stress level rising, like when my kids start fighting, I grab a spoon and go for it. Or when I need to be sewing at home, but don’t feel like it, I wander into the kitchen and eat a big spoonful, or two, or three. Or when it’s late at night and I’m feeling hungry again, I eat it straight from the jar again. Wouldn’t you call this an addiction?

Maybe it’s because there is no sugar in it, technically, that I feel impunity to eat lots of it. But as healthy as nuts are, they are loaded with fat, so no one recommends eating unlimited amounts of it.

I won’t reinvent the wheels by writing a recipe here, because there are so many good recipes on the internet. This raw almond butter recipe is how I made it the first time. If you google “homemade nut butter”  – you’ll find hundreds of good recipes.

The kind of nut butter I like to make now use: (1) roasted nuts – not just lightly roasted, mind you, roasted and until the nuts breaks easily in your mouth and gives you an amazing aroma and flavour (about 10 minutes in a 200 degree oven), (2) mix of almonds and cashew, and sometimes walnuts and brazil nuts, and (3) a spoonful of vanilla powder. All processed in my beloved, 12-year-old Kitchenaid food professor until super ruuny.

Here’s how it begins. Roasted nuts.

roasted mixed nuts for nut butter

Then everything goes into the food processor. Just turn it on and watch the magic happen. In my processor it takes about 5-8 minutes.

nut butter in food processor

nut butter in food processor

First it becomes a coarse meal.

nut butter in food processor

Then it becomes more sticky.

nut butter in food processor

Nearly ready but not yet!

nut butter in food processor

Then finally super runny and creamy nut butter. Mmm it smells so good.

runny nut butter in a jar

Pour in a jar and enjoy.

Why homemade, you ask? Well it is cheaper. For a small jar of it, you can make it yourself for about $5. A store-bought one costs nearly $10. But most of all, homemade one tastes far superior. So much more fragrant, sweet, and just tasty. Try and see for yourself, but I have to warn you, you might develop a dangerous addiction to it as well – whether or not you are diabetic!




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