Preserved Lemons

preserved lemons in jars

Just over a month ago, a whole lot of beautiful lemons fell onto my laps from a generous friend. Her Greek mother-in-law in Sydney grows several lemon trees – lucky her! And lucky me to have such a sharing friend. So what did I do? I made a big batch of preserved lemons.

You can use bay leaves or spices, but mine were just lemons (cut into 1/8 wedges), salt (about 20% of the lemons), and lemon juice. It’s important to wait for a week for the lemons to release juice naturally in the jar. Then, if some lemons are sticking out at the top, you need to fill up the jar with more lemon juice, so all the lemons are submerged in juice.

I didn’t do this well, so after a few weeks moulds appeared at the top. (I just removed the mouldy bits, but what a waste of lemons…).

preserved lemons

Anyway, today, the lemons are ready to eat. I learned from my lemon-giving friend that, if you blend the lemons up in a blender, it’s easy to use them for everything. Just use a spoonful to add to salad dressing, or soup, or sauces, and the lemons impart wonderful tanginess and aroma. So blend them up I did, and I got three good jars of beautiful preserved lemons out of them.

preserved lemons blended up

These would now live in my fridge (to avoid moulding) – and hopefully last quite a few months.

My preserved jars of vegetables are multiplying fast.

preserved jars

Happy weekend, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Preserved Lemons”

  1. The preserved lemons look delicious. I’ll be trying this when our Meyer and Eureka lemon trees fruit. I might even try preserving our oranges and limes too. Scrumptious selection of food in the last photo. Asako do have a special label maker?

    1. Hi Julia! Thanks for your kind words. I just use good old Photoshop to make my own labels, and print them out on a sticker printer sheet. Some skills from my “other” job transfers well in my food blog here, lol. Can’t want to see photos of your preserved goodies. 🙂

        1. I think there are a few free applications that are like Photoshop – though I’m not sure what they are called. Also if you use iPad, there are quite a few apps there that are much cheaper than Photoshop. Good luck playing around!

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